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Things to do after renting a paddleboard, kayak, canoe or boat

I've rented a board, now what:

*explore the Belle River and its nuances from a new vantage point

*enjoy sunrise, sunset

*head to the lake and cruise along the shoreline

*watch out for and take pictures of the wildlife

*bird watching photos optional

*anchor and have a picnic on the water

*anchor and go for a swim, play frisbee, catch some waves, be free and silly

*learn to paddle

*unplug and take the family out for a lesson or a cruise

*go fishing

*date night, romantic picnic on the water (you provide the picnic)

*follow up your SUP session with a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants

*girl time, follow up with some local shopping and lunch or dinner

*SUP social

*join us for a paddle and then check out some local attractions: beach, splash pad, skate park, ball diamond, local shopping and restaurants

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